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  • Signs of spring in the Willamette Valley

    What’s all that blue and white about?
    Ever wonder how that other business just down the road from you got their highway business sign? Do you have a local business located in the heart of wine, horse or stunning Oregon country? Wouldn’t it be great if you could send Sunday drivers your way without spending a …

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  • 2013 Annual Update to the Oregon Legislature and Agency Partners

    As a semi-independent state agency, Oregon Travel Experience and its Council report to the Oregon Legislature annually. Since our elected officials change seats during election cycles or retire, and new faces take their place on committees, we like to introduce our services to incoming members of the Legislature. These annual reports are also beneficial to …

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  • Charles Reynolds rest area eastbound power outage

    Update:  Wednesday, March 19, 2014, 3:50 pm:  both sides of the Charles Reynolds rest areas on I-84 (at milepost 269.2 in Union County) are fully functional and will remain open all night.
    Update: Wednesday, March 19, 2014, 9:00 a.m. The Charles Reynolds rest areas eastbound and westbound on I-84 (at Milepost 269.2 in Union County) have reopened. …

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  • OTE launches rest area customer e-survey

    OTE seeks public feedback
    For the past several years, OTE has encouraged rest area visitors to use comment cards located within each of our managed rest area sites. For the most part, these “postcards” have been filled out with pens and pencils and then placed within collection boxes. Much like an old fashioned mail-delivery system, the …

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  • OTE now managing additional rest areas

    On March 1, 2014, Oregon Travel Experience (OTE) added nine highway safety rest areas to its roster under an amended inter-agency agreement with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).
    In addition to the 20 public rest areas currently managed by OTE, the agency has stationed employees at the following locations:

    Interstate 5, Milepost 22, south of Medford: …

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Oregon Travel Information Council

Oregon Travel Experience’s governing body is known as the Oregon Travel Information Council in Oregon Statute. Ten members are appointed by the governor and one position represents the Oregon Transportation Commission. Their mission is to create a great visitor experience by providing directions to destinations, connecting travelers with Oregon’s resources, and ensuring safe and convenient travel. Find out when our governing council will meet next or review minutes from the last meeting.

Safety first

Safe driving saves livesDon’t let driver fatigue sideline you in an accident. Research has suggested that 20 percent of all traffic related incidents, including fatalities and injuries, are caused by driver fatigue. The public cost for these injuries and fatalities far surpass the cost to operate well maintained “safety rest area zones,” where drivers relax, grab a cup of free coffee, and resume their journey refreshed.

OTE joins the Oregon State Police and the Oregon Department of Transportation in urging all motorists to watch for signs of driver fatigue. Symptoms include: yawning, tired eyes, boredom, an inability to remember the last segment of the road, oversteering, restlessness, and difficulty concentrating.

Need a rest area that’s clean and secure—where you can combat driver fatigue and kick it to the curb? OTE can help you find that too. In fact, we’ll have nine additional rest areas for you to visit beginning March 1, 2014. Coming attractions: updates to our website and a new map to help you find all of our managed rest area sites easily.

Take the quiz. In the meantime, why not see if you can answer these true or false questions about drowsy driving?

 OTE’s skilled team is ready to serve you


All of us at OTE are committed to making your Oregon highway experience a great one. From the men and women ensuring your safety at our rest areas to the people helping you navigate a highway logo sign application, OTE employees agree that customers come first.

We know what it’s like to be on the other end and traveling with our family or friends–you want where you stop to be clean and safe, and you want to find your way easily without having to search for the information. And, you expect to have a great time.

It’s a big road out there and we’re here to help. If you would like to learn more about us, our bios are posted on the OTE staff page.

Program Quick Links

The following links connect you to our main programs:

Highway Business Signs: A cost effective tool for local businesses to gain exposure along busy highways. Blue logo signs direct motorists to essential services and nearby attractions.

Rest Areas: Oregon Travel Experience supervises 20 rest areas across the state. Stop and rest, walk the dog and let the kids jump and run. See where Oregon Travel Experience’s rest areas are located and why we take your safety seriously.

Free Coffee Program: The Highway Safety Rest Area Free Coffee Program helps save lives by decreasing driver fatigue. This program is permitted by OTE and run by volunteer non-profit groups. Want to serve? For immediate information about this program, telephone 503-373-0155.

Sales Programs: From Travel Information Kiosks to TripCheck.com, Oregon Travel Experience connects you with the latest traveler information. Both businesses and motorists benefit from exposure in our travel information centers. If you want fast information about panels or brochure placement, telephone 503-373-0155.

Heritage Trees: Want to learn more about these spectacular beauties? Come visit our map and detail pages and listen to an audio tour.

Historical Markers: A venerable program handed down through the generations, Oregon’s historical markers can be the focus of a weekend family outing.

Places to Stop: Use your mobile device and check out these hidden gems. Our highway sign customers run some of the most unique businesses in Oregon. These Sunday-living styled articles can help you find the perfect place to stay, eat, or have fun.

OTE's 2012 Annual report to the Oregon Legislature

Our 2012 legislative annual report is actually a short video. We thought that reducing paper mass was a good step towards sustainable practices. If you want to learn more about why OTE was formed in 1972, some cool facts about Lady Bird Johnson's connection to our mission and how our programs work, zip on over to the movie. It's more fun than wading through 50 dry pages of division reports... we promise.

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