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  • Arrive alive this Memorial Day happy-memorial-2016-day-quotes-images-Wallpaper-Pictures-Messages-sayings

    Memorial Day signals the start of many summer vacations and road trips. Whether you’re planning to hitch up your boat or load up the trail bikes and tents, you and millions of others will head out onto Oregon roadways this Friday. As part of your holiday experience, we want you to stay safe, and recognize when it would be a good time to stop and take a brief nap or …

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  • Local honey-makers land in rest area bee1

    Swarm of bees captures attention

    Southern Oregon is no stranger to honeybee shortages. According to a University of Maryland study, beekeepers across the nation lost more than 40% of their colonies in 2015, and Oregon suffered an approximate 20% domestic colony loss over the study’s one year span. In addition to domestic honey production colony disorders, wild honeybee populations are declining across 2016. According to a University of Vermont national wild …

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  • Oregon Governor’s Conference on Tourism orgc15

    Reporting back from Pendleton

    As part of our ongoing partnerships with the Oregon Tourism Commission (DBA Travel Oregon), destination marketing organizations, and local government officials and state agencies (and other travel and tourism industry organizations), OTE sponsored an information booth at the 2016 Oregon Governor’s Conference on Tourism earlier this week.
    The conference was held in Pendleton and over 450 industry representatives attended. During exhibitor breaks, conference-goers had the opportunity to stop …

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  • Storm-water and wetland upkeep

    Boardman Rest Area partners with neighbors

    Story submitted by Joleen Odens, Boardman Rest Area Supervisor

    It all started out when Rachel Muniz (our Boardman Rest Area Specialist) was just going to burn down the old and ugly cattails that were present in our storm-water lagoon.
    As Rachel got started with her burning project, we got to thinking how a better fence line would keep any litter blown in from the highway from entering …

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Oregon Travel Information Council

The Oregon Travel Information Council is responsible for governing the agency, which operates under the assumed business name of Oregon Travel Experience. The Council is composed of eight volunteers appointed by the Governor and one member of the Oregon Transportation Commission. At least one appointee must reside in each of Oregon’s five congressional districts. The Council meets quarterly to fulfill its mission of creating a great visitor experience by providing directions to destinations, connecting travelers with Oregon’s resources, and ensuring safe and convenient travel. Meet the Council members.

Council meetings and minutes

Find out when our governing council will meet next or review minutes from the last meeting.

Council adopted biennial budget

The Oregon Travel Information Council approved an amended 2015 – 2017 Biennial Budget at their December 2015 meeting. The final adopted budget also includes a “Budget Note” that the Council intends to review sign fees in Spring 2016. You may download a copy of the Council approved Biennial Budget. If you have questions or concerns, please contact OTE Executive Director Nancy DeSouza.

Community heritage tree programs directory


Our online heritage tree directory provides information about various city and county notable tree programs across the state. The directory is a great resource if you’re planning a weekend sightseeing trip or local walking tour, or if you wish to nominate a tree that has not met the statewide program criteria.

Rest areas do more than revive

visitorsIf you are going to be on an Oregon highway or byway soon, you might be curious about some of the more unknown features at our rest areas. We’ve had recent email from prospective visitors who wondered if they could sleep or set up BBQs at an Oregon rest area. Surprisingly, we have a number of rules and regulations that allow for both family and pets to have a good time when stopping. Check out some hidden gems and our rest area FAQs.

 OTE’s skilled team is ready to serve youkurt_valdez

All of us at OTE are committed to making your Oregon highway experience a great one. From the men and women ensuring your safety at our rest areas to the people helping you navigate a highway logo sign application, OTE employees agree that customers come first.

We know what it’s like to be on the other end and traveling with our family or friends–you want where you stop to be clean and safe, and you want to find your way easily without having to search for the information. And, you expect to have a great time. It’s a big road out there and we’re here to help. If you would like to learn more about us, our bios are posted on the OTE staff page.

Go on a Field Trip with OTE

FT-icon-512x512-Square (1)It’s as easy as one, two, three… just click on the Field Trip icon and download the app for free. It’s available for Android or iOS platforms. Receive push notifications about OTE’s heritage sites when you’re on the road, bike, or taking a hike through your favorite Oregon city or town.

Program Quick Links

Pay your permit fees online

VISA_combo_graphicOTE offers an easy and secure online payment option for your sign, kiosk, and TripCheck permit fees. Simply connect to the OTE US Bancorp payment site. You'll see the OTE logo on the banner at the top. (Please note that a variable convenience fee may be charged by your card provider for transactions.) Contact us if you need help with this option by email, or by telephone at 503-373-0086.

Oregon Travel Experience Tourist Oriented DirectionalHighway Business Signs: A cost effective tool for local businesses to gain exposure along busy highways. Blue logo signs direct motorists to essential services and nearby attractions.

Rest Areas: Oregon Travel Experience supervises 29 rest areas at 17 locations around the state. Stop and rest, walk the dog and let the kids jump and run. See where Oregon Travel Experience’s rest areas are located and why we take your safety seriously.

coffeeFree Coffee Program: The Highway Safety Rest Area Free Coffee Program helps save lives by decreasing driver fatigue. This program is permitted by OTE and run by volunteer non-profit groups. For immediate information about this program, telephone 503-373-0155.

 Permit Programs: From Travel Information kiosks to TripCheck.com, Oregon Travel Experience connects you with the latest traveler information. Both businesses and motorists benefit from exposure in our travel information centers. If you want fast information about panels or brochure placement, telephone 503-373-0090.

The "Mother Oak," part of the Ellmaker Heritage Grove honored in Veneta.Heritage Trees: Want to learn more about these spectacular beauties? Come visit our map and detail pages and listen to an audio tour.

Historical Markers: A venerable program handed down through the generations, Oregon’s historical markers can be the focus of a weekend family outing.

Places to Stop: Our highway sign customers run some of the most unique businesses in Oregon. These Sunday-living styled articles can help you find the perfect place to stay, eat, or have fun.