OTE - Oregon Travel Experience

About Oregon Travel Experience

Our business name and philosophy

As part of our commitment to public service, our governing body, the Oregon Travel Information Council performed a thorough review of its current programs and overall strategic plan. As part of this review, the council chose a business name which more accurately defines our purpose.

Oregon Travel Experience (OTE) serves the public in the following ways:

Our mission

Oregon Travel Experience’s mission is to create a great visitor experience by providing direction to destinations, connecting travelers with Oregon’s resources, and ensuring safe and convenient travel.

Our programs

We are a semi-independent state agency with a diverse portfolio. Our programs help strengthen local economic infrastructure across the state by directing traffic to essential services with our highway logo sign program. We also ensure that travel is both safe and convenient with onsite rest area supervision; our supervisor teams oversee all aspects of rest area operations, from cleanliness and changing flat tires or charging dead batteries to handing out tips about where to find an open diner.

Oregon Travel Experience also administers the Oregon Heritage Tree and Oregon Historical Marker programs with groups of highly motivated and professional volunteers. These programs preserve our state’s important historical icons. Many of us can recall standing in front of a historical marker as a child and reading about an event which took place over a hundred years ago; OTE ensures that significant trees and historical markers retain their significance for future generations.

Our partnerships

OTE’s inter-agency partnerships connect motorists and businesses to the Oregon Department of Transportation, Travel Oregon and the Oregon Tourism Commission as the “go to” experts on what to do, where to stay, and what to see when visiting Oregon.

Please visit OTE’s partners page for a list of our partner agencies and organizations.

Our history

When the governing council was formed in 1972 by the Oregon Legislature, our state was an early adopter of the Federal Highway Beautification Act. The bill encouraged states to replace billboards with highway logo signs as a means of directing motorists to essential services. Oregon Travel Experience continues to develop new ways to serve Oregon business owners and the motorists who depend on their products.