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Highway safety rest areas

In 2010 Oregon Travel Experience and its council assumed management of nine rest areas at five locations throughout Oregon.

In 2012 the Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 1591, which gave OTE authority over rest areas at Tillamook and Government Camp, and five additional locations along I-84.

On March 1, 2014, OTE implemented the next phase of SB 1591 under an amended inter-agency agreement with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).

Under the agreement, OTE assumed responsibility for nine additional I-5 and I-84 rest areas. As of March 2014, OTE  manages a total of 29 rest areas stretching from the California border to our eastern neighbors in Idaho.

OTE bases its rest area management on the needs of the motorist, as well as the communities which exist nearby. We collaborate with community leaders, industry partners, and regional businesses to provide the very best motoring experience possible. From the volunteer free coffee program to safe and clean restrooms, Oregon Travel Experience highway safety rest areas have become models for the west coast.


Currently (2016), Oregon Travel Experience manages rest areas at the following locations:

Taking pride in a job well done

John Horton maintains his good humor while cleaning the rest area's main parking lot.The presence of Oregon Travel Experience (OTE)  rest area teams has made a remarkable difference for travelers. Staff have been on duty to help motorists with car repairs, provided enough fuel to get them to the closest gas station, and coordinate incident response services with law enforcement, ODOT, and emergency teams.

If you stop at an OTE managed rest area, you can count on it being clean and safe. If it isn’t, we haven’t lived up to our promise, and we want to hear about it.

Rest area customer comments

Have you recently visited an OTE managed rest area? We’d like to get your feedback from our onsite customer comment cards. Please rate the cleanliness, friendliness and attitude of our employees, and safety and security at each of our rest area locations. Cards are collected daily, and the information is sent to our Salem office for review. If you’ve noted that your experience was less than desirable, we will contact you (make sure to leave an email address or phone number) to find out what the problem was. Thanks to our customers, we have been able to resolve many issues such as increasing certain supplies or finding out what the public would like to see improved. Keep those cards coming–they really work.

Want to get the inside story?

Make sure to check out some of our true life rest area heroes and their compelling stories in the newsletter section. Follow us on Facebook, for updates to rest area closures or work that might affect your travel plans. We also post news and tidbits related to safe travel, rest areas, highway signs, and our employees. Learn more about our rest area supervisory staff on our about us pages.

Free Coffee Program

Sarah F. serving free coffee at OTE rest area.

The Rest Area “Free Coffee” Program is a service sponsored by nonprofit organizations in the interest of public safety. Stop at one of our rest areas and grab a cup. Visit with our knowledgeable volunteers; you’ll often learn things about the surrounding community you wouldn’t know otherwise.

For a monthly schedule of  volunteer groups at OTE locations, and their individual hours of operation, please link to the “find out more”  page below, and scroll down the page to the “calendar” section.

Find out more about OTE’s Free Coffee program

Apply for a permit to serve free coffee (PDF)

Rest area community advisory panels

Establishing community involvement in our managed rest areas is part of our overarching mission and mandate; we help strengthen the regional economic infrastructure in nearby communities by directing motorists to essential services and regional attractions.

Local businesses secure space at our information centers located within rest areas or in highly traveled locations, such as at Multnomah Falls. Brochure rack space is allocated to numerous locations off the main highway that feature comfortable places to sleep and eat, or fun places to shop while traveling.

Our coalitions have also become a statewide model for problem solving. We don’t shirk from the tough issues and our French Prairie story is one that captured the “what’s possible” spirit from law enforcement, social service agencies and the Clackamas District Attorney’s Office. This model is now being reviewed in order to solve the ongoing unique challenges that accompany caring for our public spaces.

Rest area information centers

The new digital kiosk at northbound French PrairieOregon Travel Experience operates 10 travel information centers along Oregon’s most heavily used highways. Our info centers provide literally millions of travelers with valuable information while inspiring them to make the most of their Oregon experience.

Motorists will find illuminated panel displays from area hotels, restaurants, wineries, golf courses, museums and other attractions. In addition, most centers offer brochure racks which can be combined with a back-lit panel or stand separately. Info centers host special poster displays for local convention and visitors bureaus or Chambers of Commerce.

Rest area information center displays reach millions of travelers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information, including kiosk locations and rates, please contact us.

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