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Current Events Display FAQs

Woodburn Tuesday_Market_Panel
Q: What is a cooperative (co-op) events display?

A: A Current Events backlit display panel is a permitted and paid display located within an OTE Rest Area Travel Information Center. The events panel is installed quarterly and lists one season’s (winter, spring, fall, summer) events. All fees and perimeters of a regular backlit panel apply, however, this special panel is designed to accommodate non-profit groups, or organizations and businesses that host “local” events.

The co-op Current Events panel supports our legislative charge to encourage motorists and visitors into nearby communities from OTE supervised rest areas. The goal is to help enrich local economic infrastructure through attracting both the first time Oregon visitor and the seasoned commuter. Capturing the attention of highway travelers (who might not otherwise stop) with a co-op panel can be a wise use of limited resources.

Q: Why apply for a “co-op” panel?

A: Although regular permit fees apply, the co-op status allows several groups, organizations, or businesses to share the cost of one permit. All OTE requires is that one person act as point of contact, contract signee, and payor. Once you receive your application, simply check the “Current Events Panel” box, have the point of contact complete, sign, and deliver payment with the application.

Q: What should the panel look like, and how large is it?

A: Please see the example of a concept Current Events panel above. All Current Events panels are approximately 4’ high x 2’ wide (exact measurements are available in our production guide.) However, these measurements do vary slightly by location, so please work with our staff for instructions at your preferred location. Telephone us at 800-574-9397.

Q: How often will the panel be changed, and who provides this service?

A: The Current Events panels are installed quarterly. OTE’s staff will install your co-op panel each quarter, remove the old one, and return the panel to your point of contact. OTE staff will also keep your display in clean, excellent condition. If there is damage by weather or vandals at any time during the contract period, the coordinator will contact you to let you know the panel should be replaced. The coordinator will also notify you that it is time to change your panel for the upcoming quarter.

There is no charge for installation or removal if you are a customer in good standing. If your contract expires due to non-payment, a $75 removal fee will be assessed.

Q: Who is responsible for the information on the co-op panel?

A: It is the responsibility of the group’s point of contact to gather the information in anticipation of the quarterly installation of your panel. OTE does not maintain a community events calendar. We will however, assume responsibility for contacting you about approaching installation deadlines on a quarterly basis.

Q: How much does it cost to have a panel produced?

A: Although OTE does not endorse one printer over another, we can provide you with a list (view the Production Guide PDF) of firms that our customers have worked with in the past. Fees for a typical full color panel may reach $150 (depending on preferred production firm).

Q: How much is an annual permit fee?

A: Please refer to our Fee Permit Table on the Backlit Display Panels FAQ page. A non-profit organization fee varies from commercial permits and may significantly reduce your annual cost. Non-profit fees are $50.00 per month at all locations. Commercial permits are $125.00 per month.

Other kiosk opportunities

Publication displays

Brainstorming ways to get your business noticed, no matter whether it’s a “mom ‘n’ pop” or a large multi-store chain? Oregon Travel Experience also permits for publication stocking and display.

We help distribute and stock your brochures, rack-cards, coupon books and magazines at our kiosk locations across the state. Government and non-profit fees are structured specifically to help museums, historic sites, and other not-for-profit attractions on a lean budget. Your brochures will capture the attention of millions of travelers.

Many travelers do not do not use smart phones and travelers rely on hard materials to help them plan their trips and vacations. Maps, coupons, travel magazines, and regional brochures and rack cards offer an easy way for kiosk visitors to grab tourism or travel essential publications and go, finding their way to your business.

Want to learn more about how we can help? Please visit our Travel Information Kiosk Publications FAQs page for more information and fees.

Backlit display panels

Oregon Travel Experience oversees nine travel information structures within heavily used rest areas and along well-traveled highways. Businesses located along busy Interstate corridors will find this permit program invaluable.

Thousands of potential customers stop at our managed rest areas, looking for information about where to eat, sleep, explore and shop.  Backlit panels connect millions of travelers with valuable information while inspiring them to make the most of their Oregon experience. Our backlit permits are available at most locations. Refer to the list of most frequently asked questions page for answers.

Technical resources

For more information about our complete line of business offerings, please call 800-574-9397 or contact us by email.