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Travel information backlit display FAQs

15kiosk_locationsOregon Travel Experience administers nine travel information structures within heavily used rest areas and along well-loved highways. Businesses located along busy Interstate corridors will find this permit program invaluable.

Thousands of potential customers stop at our managed rest areas, looking for information about where to eat, sleep, explore and shop.  Backlit panels, brochures, and magazines connect millions of travelers with valuable information while inspiring them to make the most of their Oregon experience. Our backlit permits are available at most kiosk locations. Refer to the list of most frequently asked questions below for answers or call us at 1-800-574-9397.

Backlit display panels FAQs

Q: What is a backlit display panel?
A: Backlit display panels are colorful illustrated posters about your business, services, and location. Travelers will see your attractive and illuminated panels inside the travel information kiosk 24 hours a day, when they stop for a break at one of our OTE managed rest areas or other kiosk locations.

Q: What is a travel information kiosk?
A: A travel information “kiosk” or motorist information center, is an open structure housing travel and tourist information at 10 locations across the state. Most are located within OTE managed highway safety rest areas. Two kiosks are located within high traveler sites: Multnomah Falls and the Southern Oregon Coast (Brookings) near the California border.

Q: Why would it benefit my business to place a backlit display panel in travel information kiosk?
A: Our illuminated panel displays are located in some of the most heavily used visitor stopping points across the state. Visitor and motorist counts show that over 400,000 individuals stop each month at our busiest location on I-5. Our other rest area locations also see incredible visitor counts each month. Many of these travelers are searching for nearby places to eat, play and sleep. Your display has the potential to reach millions of prospective customers annually.

Q: What kind of business is permitted a display panel?
A: Examples include hotels, motels, museums, theme parks, family destination spots, botanical gardens, visitor and tourism association publications, restaurants, coffee cafes, and more. As long as your business meets the display permit guidelines, your business can be represented.

Q: How is my display panel designed, printed and installed?
A: OTE will send you a production guide should your application be approved. OTE will install your new panel and ensure that it is kept in good clean condition. However, if your panel needs replacement due to condition or age, our coordinator will contact you. We cover maintenance and installation costs, but you are responsible for all production and printing costs.

Q: How much does it cost to produce a panel?
A: The cost will vary, depending upon several criteria: Size, cost for creative design work, and printing and processing. If your artwork is camera-ready (ready to be printed without revisions) printing averages between $115 to $150.

Q: Is the display permit renewed annually or monthly?
A: At this time, you have two options for payment. You can elect to pay for your permit annually, or you may elect to renew your permit on a month-to-month basis.

Q: What does a typical panel permit cost?

A: See the table below for sizes and pricing structure. There are two main sizes. Panels are approximately 4-feet square or 2-feet wide by 4-feet high. (The northbound French Prairie locatio has slightly different dimensions—please refer to your production guide that you will receive if your permit is approved.)

Permit fee table

Panel Size Commercial Account Non-profit/Government
“A” panel: 4′ x 4′ $175 per month $75 per month
“A” panel w/brochure holder $185 per month $80 per month
“A” panel w/magazine rack $207 per month $85 per month
“B” panel: 2′ x 4′ $125 per month $50 per month
“B” panel w/brochure holder $135 per month $55 per month
“B” panel w/magazine rack $147 per month $60 per month


Other kiosk opportunities

Brainstorming ways to get your business noticed, no matter whether it’s a “mom ‘n’ pop” or a large multi-store chain? Oregon Travel Experience also permits for publication stocking and display.

We help distribute and stock your brochures, rack-cards, coupon books and magazines at our kiosk locations across the state. For commercial accounts, permits start at under $2,500 per year. Government and non-profit fees are structured specifically to help museums, historic sites, and other not-for-profit attractions on a lean budget. Your brochures will capture the attention of millions of travelers. Many of these travelers are first time visitors to our state who are searching for nearby places to eat, sleep, and play.

OTE realizes that a significant number of people traveling by auto do not use a smart phone or a tablet and rely on printed materials to help them plan their trips and vacations. Maps, coupons, travel magazines, and regional brochures and rack cards offer an easy way for kiosk visitors to grab tourism or travel essential publications and go, finding their way to your business.

Want to learn more about how we can help? Please visit our Travel Information Kiosk Publications FAQs page for more information and low monthly fees.

Technical resources

Interested in any of our Oregon Travel Experience travel information kiosk permits? Don’t hesitate to contact us by email or give us a call at 503-373-0155.