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Visitor Inspiration Panel FAQs

Oregon Travel Experience VIP backlit displayQ: What is an OTE visitor inspiration panel? 

A: A Visitor Inspiration Panel (also known as a VIP) is a placeholder static display panel. VIPs are installed at OTE managed travel information centers within rest areas and two sites on heavily trafficked highways. The VIP helps Interstate travelers connect to upcoming or nearby inspirational points they might otherwise miss. The panel is intended to drive new traffic into local communities and help strengthen economic infrastructure, and to connect the motorist to travel information.

Q: Who can apply for a VIP?

A: VIPs are partnerships between Visitor Associations, Destination Marketing Organizations, Chambers of Commerce and other non-profit tourism or travel information related agencies. Individual businesses, museums, attractions, historic districts, non-profits, or commercial venues do not qualify for a VIP.

Q: If my DMO wanted to apply for a VIP, how would we do so, and how much would it cost?

A: An application should be requested by your organization and then submitted to OTE’s Integrated Marketing and Communications Division (IM&C). There is no charge for OTE to install or maintain the VIP within a travel information center or travel plaza location unless new Plexiglass covering is required. Your organization is responsible for printing and production costs. The cost associated with printing will depend on the size of the panel.

You must use a printer of your own choosing, and deliver the VIP to OTE’s specified location. OTE will help oversee graphic design of the VIP, since we are responsible for the agency’s branding guidelines. Contact OTE’s IM&C Coordinator to find out more.(Contact us via email, or telephone 503-373-0090.)

Q: Can we submit our own images for the VIP?

A: Yes. The image must be an extremely high resolution file that is suitable for enlargements up to 4’ x 4’. You should work with your graphics or IT team to ensure the image meets this standard. Your image should represent more of an unknown aspect of your region. Photographers may be eligible to be credited on the panel. Any use agreements, and photographer or copyright releases must be performed prior to submission and validation submitted with your application.

Q: How long will my organization’s VIP be displayed?

Oregon Travel Experience VIPA: Since the VIP is designed to be a placeholder for open commercial display space, availability will depend upon how many unpaid slots are within each location. Duration of the display will depend upon commercial demand. OTE cannot promise a specific length of time for the display. If you are interested in a long-term contract, you should consider a permitted Information Center display. If you would like for your VIP to be rotated at a number of locations, we will enter it into a lottery display schedule. For space availability in your area or paid permits, contact the IM&C Coordinator.

Q: If there are numerous unpaid slots available, can my organization apply for more than one VIP?

A: Yes. Our IM&CD Coordinator should be able to tell you which spots are available. If you are interested in multiple locations, we may be able to accommodate your request; please check the boxes for your location preferences as instructed when you receive your application.

Q: What are the VIP dimensions?

A: Dimensions vary by location. Either a 2’ x 4’ panel or a larger 4’ x’4’ VIP may be available. Note your preference on the application form once you have received it, and our IM&C Coordinator will help you. Telephone 503-373-0090 to speak with our coordinator.

Other kiosk display opportunities

Interested in working other avenues to broadcast the news about your business location? Does your business provide an essential service to the traveler? Are you in the food, lodging, attractions, or fuel industry? Belong to a group of non-profit businesses or a destination marketing organization? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we have opportunities for you.

Backlit display panels
Backlit display panels are colorful illustrated posters about your business, services, and location. Travelers will see your attractive and illuminated panels inside the travel information kiosk 24 hours a day, when they stop for a break at one of our OTE managed rest areas. Read more on the FAQs page.

Travel information kiosk publications

Our kiosks are located in some of the most heavily used traveler stopping points across the state. Visitor and motorist counts show that over 400,000 individuals stop each month at our busiest location on I-5. Our other rest area locations also see incredible visitor counts each month. Many of these travelers are searching for nearby places to eat, play and sleep. Your printed materials such as brochures, coupon books, and travel magazines have the potential to reach millions of prospective customers annually.

Read why print materials are still sought by over half of all travelers, despite the digital mobile rage. Learn how this low-cost tool can spread the word about your business.

Technical resources

Email us at admin@oregonte or telephone our toll free number, 503-373-0155  for assistance with the VIP Program or other business displays.