OTE - Oregon Travel Experience

For Motorists

Rest Areas

Oregon Travel Experience manages 29 rest areas across the state. Stop, refresh, sip some free coffee and support the local businesses and organizations represented there. We provide peace of mind and clean, safe rest areas. Our supervisors stand at the ready to help answer your questions or lend a helping hand. You can even take part in an online survey to let us know how we’re doing.

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Traveler Resources

Oregon Travel Experience’s mission is to provide Oregon motorists with motoring information services through our varied programs such as travel information kiosks, highway business signs, TripCheck.com, and brochure programs. However,  if you’re looking for other travel-related information not found on our website, we’ve provided internet links to to several of our travel and tourism partners.

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Highways and Byways

Oregon Travel Experience has many stories to tell. Our Facebook page connects you to rest area closures, employee stories, and additional information about rest area heroes and heroines, our Council member and customer spotlights, Oregon history and local business connections. Read a few of our past newsletters to learn more about our personality and philosophy.

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