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2013 Annual Update to the Oregon Legislature and Agency Partners

Posted on: March 28th, 2014 by Madeline MacGregor in Meetings & Reports, News & Press | No Comments

Oregon Travel Experience 2013 Legislative UpdateAs a semi-independent state agency, Oregon Travel Experience and its Council report to the Oregon Legislature annually. Since our elected officials change seats during election cycles or retire, and new faces take their place on committees, we like to introduce our services to incoming members of the Legislature. These annual reports are also beneficial to Oregonians who are curious about their government and about what programs each agency is responsible for.

As the years have passed, we have learned to condense and deliver the report information in a format that makes it easier to digest. This year, the report is brief and to the point. We included a pull-out insert that summarizes our strategic direction for the next five years as well as our key operating objectives.

If you would like to review the agency 2013 report to the Legislature, download the PDF files of the print report.

If you have any issues accessing the files (it may take a few minutes to load, as the file sizes are large) please contact us at 503-373-0155 for a print version that can be mailed to you. This report is in two parts, the first is the booklet, and the second file is the middle insert.

Booklet PDF :14leg_report_final  Insert PDF: 14leg_report_insert

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