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Benefits of a facelift

Posted on: July 24th, 2012 by Madeline MacGregor in News & Press, Roadways and Waysides | No Comments

A tale of looking pretty at Baldock rest area

Story by Baldock Rest Area Supervisor Grant Christensen

Image of Baldock rest area, managed by OTE, recently underwent repaintingIf a facelift can remove wrinkles, paint is magic; every crack disappears in an old painted block of cement.

Baldock’s late 70s era restroom structures received a double coating of new paint during the month of July. Additionally, two office structures and two map and picnic shelters were painted.

Metro Paint, a company located in Portland, Oregon, provided 100 percent recycled latex paint in two fabulously fashionable colors: Espresso trim and a caramel topcoat for the main body of the buildings.

There is now a seamless sea of painted harmony between the swaying 80 foot tall Douglas Firs who look down on the refurbished restrooms, picnic shelters, and our new public coffee-serving offices.

Restrooms are often referred to as a shrine (for the weary motorist), and none are more deserving than Baldock’s caramel-colored corridors, or its husky espresso rafters and fascia boards. They are a living testimony to utilitarian prowess and well-built ingenuity of the past.

Image of Oregon Travel Experience rest area receiving coats of recycled paintIf Baldock’s original buildings were a museum that charged admission, they might very well be the most valuable asset a traveler has ever encountered along the Interstates of Oregon.  Almost 8,000 people visit and use the facilities each day. And I’m willing to wager they will feel that just a bit more care is being taken to keep the buildings looking their best. No graffiti allowed!

The painters are members of Baldock’s extraordinary staff who clean bathrooms by  day and paint by night. A special thanks should be extended for their attention to detail and patience for keeping the restrooms flowing smoothly while creating a safe work environment for themselves and the public. I want to say “thank you” to my awesome team and to Metro Paint for keeping Baldock as youthful as ever.

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