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Conversations with roses

Posted on: June 1st, 2012 by Madeline MacGregor in News & Press, Roadways and Waysides | 1 Comment

Image of OTE Ontario rest area rosesWhen the snow finally melts, and the last hard frost recedes, OTE rest areas in Eastern Oregon are enveloped by showstopping beauty. At OTE’s Ontario rest area near the Idaho – Oregon border, roses seem especially happy to oblige visitors with blooms that inspire daily admiration.

Ontario Rest Area Special Projects Coordinator David Patton decided to submit a blog post for our travelers and website visitors, and snapped some photos of these amazing flowers. He also revealed the number one reason the roses do so well.

The blooming landscape, by David Patton
“Spring has arrived in full bloom to the Oregon Desert and Oregon Travel Experience rest area on Interstate I-84 in Ontario.  These selected photos are just some of what travelers and visitors to Oregon are greeted with as they stop to relax and refresh at one of our locations.

The staff at the Ontario SRA receive daily comments on the grounds and are asked constantly “What do you do to get these beautiful roses?” Our reply is we water them, prune them and most importantly, we talk to them to encourage bringing forth the beauty they possess.

To date we’ve had visitors from all over the continental US as well as China using the rose beds for memory making photo opportunities and a common response to us is “Thank you for such a beautiful place to stop!”







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Joleen Odens

- Comment left on: June 1st, 2012 at 3:01 pm

They do look beautiful!!

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