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Drive safe this spring break

Posted on: March 19th, 2015 by Madeline MacGregor in News & Press | No Comments

keep-calm-spring-break-is-here-2Oregon State Police (OSP) and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) are teaming up to keep spring break travelers safe on Oregon’s roads; together, we want to help you make this a safe and memorable travel time. OTE would like to help our partners share their important message.

Travel safety involves taking responsibility for your own behaviors as well as watching out for one another. It also means:

* Observing the rules of the road.
* Seeing and being seen.
* Focusing on the task at hand so you can make smart choices while being aware of what others on the road are doing.

First: Obey the Rules of the Road.
So how do we keep our roads safe? For starters, we focus our efforts on the things that contribute most to serious injury or fatal crashes. Last year during Spring Break OSP troopers made over 2700 stops for violations of our Fatal-5 traffic enforcement priorities.

The Fatal-5 includes Speed, Occupant Safety, Lane Safety, Impaired Driving and Distracted Driving, or S.O.L.I.D. OSP Superintendent Rich Evans puts it this way, “This kind of driving behavior creates the biggest risk to people’s safety on our roadways. Focusing on them makes the biggest impact on traffic safety.”

So, you might think, “I get it – those are serious.” But then you might also think, “How about cell phones? Are you serious about them now?” And the answer is “Yes.” If you get stopped for talking/texting while driving, you will get a ticket. Phone In One Hand. Ticket in the Other.

Second – “See and Be Seen.”
Whether you are driving, riding, walking, motorcycling, skateboarding – whatever your mode – be on the lookout for others, and make it easier for everyone else to see you, too. Yes, you may be following the rules, but in most interactions between a car and a pedestrian, the pedestrian loses. Same with a bicyclist. Be alert, be considerate – see and be seen.

Over past five years, Oregon has averaged seven fatalities and 25 major injuries during the week of spring break (includes two weekends), and the most common kinds of crashes where “fixed/other object” (where a vehicle goes off the road and hits something) and “head on.” Four of the 36 total fatalities that occurred over the past five spring breaks were pedestrians.

Then – Being Travel Smart:
The state of Oregon is a fantastic place to spend spring break, with our natural beauty, fun cities and towns, and everything in between. Here are some smart tips to keep those experiences enjoyable:

* www.tripcheck.com – Always start with a quick check of road conditions/hazards/delays.
* Equipment – double check tire pressure, oil levels and fluids before you venture out so you don’t end up a hazard yourself.
* Make time for pit stops – a safety rest area can educate/refresh and inspire a great vacation.
* Don’t forget the common sense – OSP Sergeant Dave Aydelotte of the Gold Beach Office reminds us car clouting thieves will always take advantage of an easy opportunity – conceal the valuables.

Stop and refresh
Don’t forget to stop at an Oregon Travel Experience rest area to take advantage of picnic tables, walking trails, fresh water, free coffee (at many of our rest areas), public restrooms and travel information. For rest area amenities, visit our rest area FAQs page.

Be Safe and Travel Smart.

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