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February 2010

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Outstanding Industry Partner

The Oregon Travel Information Council is pleased to announce the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department as this quarter’s industry partner. Their mission is to provide and protect outstanding natural, scenic, cultural, historic and recreational sites for the enjoyment and education of present and future generations.

“The staff at OPRD has been a tremendously helpful to us as we assumed management of nine rest areas”, says Cheryl Gribskov CEO of TIC. “They do such an incredible job with our State Parks and they have been so generous sharing their knowledge.  They are always there with the question “How can we help?” State Parks is fortunate to have a leader like Tim Wood and exemplary staff with people like Kyleen Stone and Jerry Winegar- just  to name a few! We are lucky to have such a partner as we move forward with our new endeavor.”

Rest Area Implementation News

It has been a mere 50 days since TIC assumed management of nine rest areas throughout the state and the energy to create a new look and feel is high. For instance, Santiam’s Rest Area Supervisor- Greg Adams has been in touch with a man who created a wildlife refuge in the Corvallis area and they are working on ways to create wildflower areas and a trail system for visitors to enjoy when they stop in, just south of Salem.

The plan is to use local landscapers to create the new features. Assistant Supervisor Nancy Rold has located an area purveyor of rock fountains and she would love to welcome people to the area with a signature water feature. They have also introduced some ideas for murals on the bathrooms walls featuring local artists.

“This is just one rest area,” says Cheryl Gribskov, CEO of Travel Information Council.” I am so excited about all the creativity and enthusiasm that all of our rest area managers are bringing to the table. It will be great fun to see these ideas take shape!”

2010 Class of Oregon Heritage Trees

Four trees are set to be inducted into the Statewide Heritage Tree program this year. The 2010 class is Jenkins Estate Elm Grove, Witness Tree, Aspen Arborglyph Groves and the 10th Mountain Division Memorial Grove. The Statewide Heritage tree Dedication will be held at the Jenkins Estate located in Beaverton (Washington County) on Friday April 9th at 11AM. A local dedication ceremony will be for the Witness Tree located at Witness Tree Vineyard in Salem on Saturday May 29th. Local dedication ceremonies for the other inductees in 2010 will be announced at a later date.

The goals of the Oregon Heritage Program are to recognize and designate individual heritage trees or groves of trees with statewide or national significance, to educate Oregonians about the value of the history of these trees, to promote appreciation of the trees, and to protect these trees as part of our state’s heritage.

New Statewide Heritage Audio Cell Phone Tours

The Travel Information Council is pleased to be rolling out a brand new way to experience our historical markers and heritage trees. This program will provide audio interpretation, delivered on-site, to enhance the visitor experience at locations across Oregon.

The audio content will include interviews, interpretive stories or current information about related sites or activities in the area and are designed to be fun and informative. The content will be accessible via mobile phone at each location, or on the internet at any time.

We have created 50 scripts to begin and we will add on as time progresses. Visitors will be alerted by a sign at the site that will direct them to call a phone number and extension to hear that specific audio content. We plan to “go live” with the program in June.

We are seeking site sponsors for the program with many benefits for businesses that will help us create awareness of these valuable treasures and help us tell the Oregon story.

TIC Welcomes New Employees

Wow, what a year it’s been so far! Talk about “ringing in the new;” TIC has effectively doubled our staff.

We are pleased to welcome Tony McCammon, as our new Receptionist/Coffee Program Coordinator (and other duties as assigned), and Harry Falisec, as our new Sales Manager who is handling sales for our Visitor Industry Services programs (Travel Information Kiosks, business listings on Tripcheck and the Interactive Heritage Map, site sponsorships for the Audio Heritage Tour) as well as selling blue highway signs.

In January, we also welcomed on a whole new team to manage our safety rest areas. Led by the intrepid Darrell Hackworth, they are as follows: For the Baldock Rest Areas (just south of Wilsonville) Terry Hauck and Grant Christensen, for Santiam Rest Areas (just south of Salem) we have Greg Adams and Nancy Rold, for Manzanita Rest Areas we have Mark Grinde and Kevin Smolich, for Boardman Rest Areas off I-84, Donald Huberd and Susie Poulsen and lastly at Ontario we have David Patton and Norm Nelson.

Lastly but certainly not least we are happy to announce that Heather Swanson has joined TIC as Executive Assistant to the CEO.

Welcome one and all- we know you’re all going to do great things!

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