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The great storm of 2014

Posted on: February 13th, 2014 by Madeline MacGregor in News & Press | No Comments

Oregon Travel Experience rest area photos

Despite power failures, ice over snow, high winds and 30 car pileups on the freeways, OTE rest area staff kept on plowing and shoveling during Western Oregon’s epic snowstorm. It has been a challenging winter for the men and women who oversee rest area operations. Although it is a part of their job to be on call, they dedicated themselves to serving the public. Many teams struggled over last weekend to supply stranded motorists with clean restrooms and safe walking paths. When called back in after hours to deal with especially tenuous situations, they showed up and started helping to dig out big rigs and trailers.

French Prairie Rest Area Specialist John Horton said, “Even through the extreme weather, our staff at French Prairie was able to keep the rest area open and running smooth. We helped the public get back on their way, while the big rigs came in to ride out the storm, take a break from the wild conditions, and adjust their snow chains before continuing on their way.”

OTE asked Horton to tell us what he thinks was the best thing about the storm and he said, “The best memory I will have is from the people who came up to me just to say ‘Thank you!'”

Here are some photos that our various teams sent in to the main OTE office. We thought you might enjoy the “Great Storm of 2014” photo gallery. You can view the images in a larger format by clicking on an individual photo and then clicking on the new page post.

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