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January/February 2012: Weather is supreme

Posted on: February 3rd, 2012 by Madeline MacGregor in News & Press, Newsletter | No Comments

How the rain, floods, and snow impacted OTE.

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Huskies visit Boardman

Traveling with animals of any sort can be a fairly tricky venture. However, make that 22 high energy dogs and you’ve got a story in the making!

Boardman Rest Area Supervisor Joleen Odens writes about her encounter with a team of sled dogs.

“Tuesday afternoon we had a dog sled team and their owners stop in at the Boardman rest area. They were headed for the “Eagle Cap Extreme” dog sled race in Joseph, Oregon.

Image of Oregon Travel Experience hosting visiting team of sled dogs.

Tim and Julie Curley from western Oregon had their dogs out for a rest period when we spotted the dog sled on top of the trailer and went over to investigate.”
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Weather is supreme

In the last month, Oregon has experienced record rainfall, flooding, snow and ice storms. Its affected everyone from travelers to sign customers.

Oregon Travel Experience program employees were kept busy with repairs, clean-up, and closures. Throughout it all, they kept their heads and sense of humor.

We thought you might enjoy reading some of their stories below.

Fire and ice

At the Boardman rest area, Assistant Supervisor Jon Tucker found a trucker in trouble. “I thought he might be stuck, so I introduced myself and asked if I could help,” Tucker said. “He told me that he had just made a quick stop to eat some breakfast and when he tried to get back on the highway the brakes froze and locked up on him.”

Image of OTE Boardman rest stop and trucker.

The California trucker, Joey Lopez, called a repairman, but it was going to be at least three hours before help arrived. Tucker suddenly thought of a possible solution. “I told Joey I had a weed torch. I thought maybe he could use it to heat up the brakes and see if they would release. It ended up working great!”

“Joey told me that I had just saved him and his company, Contractor’s Wardrobe, a thousand bucks. It was just the fix he needed. Joey was able to chain up and make the rest of his drive to Walla Walla, Washington for his delivery.”

The flood journal

Santiam Rest Area Supervisor Jason Nash submitted the following story and Assistant Supervisor Nancy Rold grabbed the photos.

Image of OTE rest area flood at Santiam.

“What a change from our mild winter we have been having in Oregon. It was January 21, as I sat in our OTE office watching as the Santiam River kept creeping up towards me and started wondering if we shouldn’t invest in a small fishing boat.

Nancy Rold, my assistant supervisor had gone home at noon because she was worried about being able to return home because many of the roads were being closed down.

Oregon Travel Experience rest area north of Albany, OR.

I had already decided to close the access road connecting the northbound and southbound rest areas. When I left work I decided I better come back every couple of hours to check its status. When I returned at 6 p.m., I closed the northbound rest stop because the water was rising too quickly–it had already partially flooded the parking lot.
The southbound was okay but when I return a little while later it too was almost completely flooded. I closed it as quickly as I could.
It took the whole day Friday for the waters to recede, and when I returned Saturday morning, I informed Nancy that we would be reopening both sides.
We got to work and got it done! I am still wondering how to fit that boat into the budget as it continues to rain.”



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