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June 2009

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Outstanding Industry Partner

The Travel Information Council is very pleased to recognize The Oregon Trucking Association as this quarter’s Outstanding Industry Partner. “Bob Russell has served as a trusted member of the Governor’s Transportation Tourism Task Force, and has guided many conversations and shown great support in all task force endeavors from rest areas to the Winter Driving Guide”, says Cheryl Gribskov.

In addition, The Trucking Association led by the intrepid Bob Russell proved instrumental in orchestrating the Oregon Transportation Act (HB2001) that “provides the biggest investment and the greenest investment in transportation in the history of Oregon”, according to Senator Rick Metsger. He went on to state that this bill began two years ago at the end of the 2007 legislative session when leaders of the Transportation Commission and leaders in the business community urged the importance of investing in transportation. “The two groups responsible for paying for transportation in our state, namely the Oregon Trucking Association and AAA (who has also played a critical role on the Governor’s Transportation Tourism Task Force) have not always seen eye to eye on transportation issues in the state. They came to together and made a commitment to work collaboratively to bring consensus to the table”.  “Bob was always there to lend quiet support and took every opportunity to help in a very altruistic fashion” says Craig Campbell of the Victory Group.

The bill will create 4600 jobs annually, reduce congestion at key bottlenecks on our highways and it sets aside $100 million dollars for rail, marine, air, transit and train projects under the Connect III program.

OTIC Heritage Programs Update

The new Association of Oregon Heritage Tree Programs was launched on May 2nd with a charter membership meeting attended by 42 people from across the state. Representatives from all of the state’s existing heritage tree programs, plus others interested in organizing their own local heritage tree programs, came together at Champoeg State Park.

The event was organized by Nancy Appling who did a magnificent job of contacting and persuading people to participate in this inaugural meeting on a Saturday morning.  Nancy recruited excellent speakers (Cheryl Gribskov, Pam Hayden and Doug Grafe) who shared their knowledge and experience in the benefits of starting an association, starting a new heritage tree program, and making an existing heritage tree program successful.  Nancy then led a group discussion of topics submitted by the attendees looking for answers to shared problems.

As the time flew by and the meeting ended too soon, there was a clear unanimity among the attendees: yes, a statewide Association of Oregon Heritage Tree Programs was a great idea and should be continued.  A Steering Committee was named to begin work on writing a mission statement for review and comment by the association charter members.

TIC’s leadership and support made the launching of this association be the success it is.  It was a good day for heritage trees and a good day for TIC.

Upcoming Events:
Dedications will be held on Saturday July 11, 2009 at 11AM for the Beall Black Walnut Tree which was planted in 1864 in Central Point. Robert Vinton Beall planted this sapling black walnut tree in the yard of his newly constructed house east of Jacksonville. Today the tree stands sentinel to 145 of Oregon history, much of it forged by the Beall family in Southern Oregon.

A dedication ceremony is scheduled for the new “Captain” John West historical marker on July 14, 2009 at the Bradley Wayside State Park off Hwy 30.  John West co-founded the Westport Cannery around 1857, which was the first cannery on the Oregon shore of the Columbia River.  West also invented an automated can filling machine and was involved extensively in logging and lumber exports.  The John West brand label for canned foods lives on today as John West Foods Ltd. of Liverpool, Great Britain, a subsidiary of H.J. Heinz Company.

More information regarding the dedication will be coming soon.  If you are interested in attending either dedication please contact TIC.

OASIS Program

On March 27th, 2009 the council reviewed the proposed amendments to the Travel Information Council’s Administrative Rules to add language to create an Interstate Oasis Sign Program. The Council approved a motion to file the proposed rules with the Secretary of State. The notice of proposed rule making, statement of need and fiscal impact were published in the Oregon Bulletin on May, 1st. There was no request for a hearing, so the council approved the OAR changes and directed TIC staff to file the necessary papers with the Secretary of State and Legislative Counsel.

Interstate Oasis signs are for truck stop facilities, located near an interstate highway, that provide products and services to the public, 24 hour access to public restrooms and parking for cars and trucks.

TIC is offering new types of signing for Oasis facilities. The most common type will be the word OASIS on the bottom of a business logo plaque. Other possibilities are a separate word panel under a logo board that says OASIS, or a large free-standing highway sign with the words INTERSTATE OASIS and the exit number.

We are accepting applications from potential operators. As of this writing we have received one application but aware of a total of four sites that have expressed interest.

Visitor Services Standards

A Transportation Tourism Task Force sub-committee has been formed to develop consistent standards in Oregon’s visitor information system. Direction is being sought from the private sector as well as from tourism professionals, as part of the development process.

Minimum standards have already been established for receiving visitor information signage at locations and there is a test underway for use of the international “i” symbol as opposed to the currently used “Via logo/starburst” sign.

The Oregon Travel Information Council has developed two additional levels of visitor information sites; Travel Plaza’s and Travel Centers. Specific standards will need to be identified for each type of location.

A meeting has been scheduled at the end of June to work on the standards development and definitions, so that we may provide the motoring public and visitors throughout the state with the best possible information, service and experiences as they are traveling throughout Oregon.

Visitor Industry Service Programs: What we do for you

TIC’s mission is to create a great visitor experience by providing direction to destinations, connecting travelers with Oregon resources and ensuring safe and convenient travel. To that end, TIC provides a host of affordable messaging for businesses in a variety of mediums.

For instance, currently we are offering specials for Destination Marketing organizations in fourteen key rest areas throughout the state. It is a great way to partner in your community to get the word out your cities amenities as visitors are traveling our highways this summer.

We are pleased that all 61 Best Western Hotels in Oregon have availed themselves of listings on tripcheck.com. Tripcheck is another fabulous amenity offered through our partnership with ODOT, enabling motorist to stay up to date on road conditions throughout the state.

We are now offering a new WiFi site at Beverly Beach State Park and our state welcome centers are open for business for the season.

The brochure program at the state welcome centers is another affordable way to get the word out about your business during these crucial summer months.

If your business is a lodging, dining or attraction in the state you may want to consider purchasing a super affordable “side note” on our Statewide Interactive Heritage Map. The map is linked on traveloregon.com, the Eastern Oregon Visitors Association website as well as other key partner websites. Listings are only $100 for commercial entities per year and it is a great way to get the attention of those out on the road looking for cultural tourism adventures throughout Oregon.


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