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Lobbying and public affairs contractor sought

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Request for proposals (RFP) invited

Oregon Travel Experience (OTE) is soliciting proposals of cost quotes and credentials from qualified applicants to contract with OTE to provide lobbying and public affairs consulting services.

OTE is a semi-independent state agency governed by an eleven member council, with ten members appointed by the Governor and one designated by the Oregon Transportation Commission.  The OTE mission is to create a great visitor experience by providing direction to destinations, connecting travelers with Oregon’s resources, and ensuring safe and convenient travel.  The agency is headquartered in Salem, but has field staff distributed throughout the state.

If you would like to bypass the information below, you may download a PDF of the RFP:  Download the PDF version of this RFP

Scope of work
The work consists of providing lobbying and public affairs consulting services relating to any public policy or legislation that falls within the mission of the Oregon Travel Experience (OTE).

  1. Work with the OTE strategy team to identify relevant policy issues and, if appropriate, funding sources for the 2013 Oregon Legislative session.
  2. Track relevant bills filed for the 2013 legislative session that impact OTE operations or funding.
  3. Serve as an ambassador with Oregon state and local elected officials for the OTE mission and programs, as requested.
  4. Identify possible changes in federal law and recommend how those changes could become viable program options for OTE, or how those changes could impact OTE.
  5. Advise the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Committee on political and public affairs issues, as needed and requested.
  6. Identify persons appropriate to serve on OTE advisory coalitions for purposes of expanding economic development opportunities in rest areas.

Required qualifications and experience

  1. Must be a lobbyist registered with the Oregon Government Ethics Commission.
  2. Must have knowledge and experience working with transportation or tourism issues.

Contractor selection process
Selection of contractor will be based on price, qualifications, experience, and references.  Points will be weighted as follows:  price – 40 points; qualifications and experience – 40 points; references – 20 points.

The RFP does not commit OTE to award any contract, to pay any cost incurred by any person in the preparation of a response to this RFP, or to contract for any work or services.  OTE reserves the right to accept or reject any or all responses received and to cancel in whole or in part this RFP.  In its sole discretion, OTE also reserves the right to negotiate with one or more respondents to this RFP.

Requested information
Applicants are requested to provide the following information:

1)       A written outline of how the items listed in the scope of work will be performed;
2)       A written bid quoting a monthly flat rate to perform the tasks required in the scope of work;
3)       A narrative of qualifications and experience that includes the applicant’s lobbying history, personnel resources and stability, and resources to meet contractual obligations;
4)      A list of current clients in order to assess any conflicts of interest (client information will be confidential); and
5)   A list of at least three client references with names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Technical resources
All questions regarding the RFP (available in PDF format below) should be directed to Jim Renner at 503-373-0870.  All proposals must be received by 3:00 p.m. on September 19, 2012.  Proposals may be submitted by mail to: Oregon Travel Experience, 1500 Liberty St. SE, Suite 150, Salem, Oregon 97302; by email to: jimr@oregonte.com; or by fax to: 503-378-3614.

Download the PDF version of this RFP

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