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May 2010

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Outstanding Industry Partner: Luci Moore

The Oregon Travel Information Council is pleased to recognize Luci Moore, State Maintenance and Operations Engineer with the Oregon Department of Transportation. Luci has been the driving force in the transition into the nine rest areas now managed by TIC.

More importantly, we thank her for her hard work in helping TIC address some rest area issues that needed to be resolved quickly. “She provided invaluable support by developing temporary rules quickly in order to allow a team to address significant issues in certain rest areas. Her quick action allowed those rules to resolve issues in two months, rather than the usual six month timeframe usually allowed for the adoption of permanent Oregon Administrative Rules for safety rest areas. We couldn’t have accomplished this without her help”, says Cheryl Gribskov CEO for TIC. “We are very grateful!”

Witness Tree Dedication

Please join the Oregon Heritage Tree Program in the dedication ceremony for the Witness Tree at Witness Tree Vineyard, in Salem, Saturday May 29th at 10AM.

This native Oregon White Oak pre-dates the arrival of the first white settlers and is estimated to be 250 years old. The Witness Tree, referred to as such for over 150 years, served as the marker for the corner of Claiborn C. Walker’s Donation Land Claim when it was first staked in 1845 upon his arrival from Missouri. Walker was born in West Virginia in 1819, and became a prominent horticulturist and civic leader of the Spring Valley Area of Polk County until his death in 1902.

This tree reflects the early practice of using landmarks as survey markers for property boundaries. The original surveying marks, scribed in the tree trunk in 1845, survived but was later cut away from the tree leaving a large cavity, presumably by souvenir hunters. This tree has survived the annual burning of the land in the early 1840’s by the Luckiamute Band of Calapooya Indians. A formal survey of the claim in 1854 referred to the tree as being two feet in diameter. Today the tree is five feet three inches at its’ base.

The tree gave its name to the Witness Tree Vineyard, which occupies a part of the original Walker Claim. The vineyard is owned by Dennis and Carolyn Devine, and is dedicated to the production of exemplary estate- bottled pinot noir and chardonnay. There will be wine tasting after the dedication- which will be a fun way to begin your Memorial Day Weekend!

New Heritage Cell Phone Tour

Beginning in June TIC will be rolling out our new Heritage Audio Tour at 40 Heritage Tree and Historical marker locations throughout the state. We will also be posting these scripts on our website. The audio content will include interviews, interpretive stories or current information about related sites or activities in the area and are designed to be fun and informative. The content will be accessible via mobile phone at each location. Visitors will be alerted by a sign at the site that will direct them to call a phone number and extension to hear that specific audio content.

The Heritage Tree locations will be:

  • The Sitka Spruce at Klootchy Creek (US 26 and US101)
  • Courthouse Square Giant Sequoias at Washington County Courthouse
  • Foster Lilac in Eagle Creek
  • Waldo Park Tree on Summer Street in Salem
  • Courthouse Elm in Roseburg
  • Owen Cherry in Eugene
  • Victory Way Norway Maple in La Grande
  • Monterey Cypress in Harbor
  • Star Trees of Willamette University
  • Moon Tree In Salem
  • Captain Flavel Trees in Astoria
  • Peg Tree in Lake Oswego
  • State Fairgrounds Oak Grove in Salem
  • Hanley Farm Willow in Jacksonville
  • Dosch Yellow Bellflower Apple in Portland
  • Governor McCall Maple on the east side of the State Capital

The Historical Marker locations are set to be:

  • The George Abernathy Marker off Interstate 205
  • The American Indian Seasonal Round between Malhuer and Harney Lakes
  • Oregon History in Aurora
  • Historic Oregon Trail in Baker
  • Historic Oregon Trail at Beacon Rock
  • Boones Ferry at the North Baldock Rest Area
  • Boones Landing in Wilsonville
  • Broughton’s Expedition in Corbett
  • Camp Adair north of Corvallis
  • Oregon History Cannon Beach
  • Champoeg State Park
  • Dayton Blockhouse in Dayton
  • Glacial Erratic in McMinnville
  • Great Tsunami of 1700-just south of Lincoln city
  • Japanese Attack on Oregon in Brookings
  • Historic La Grande
  • Dr. John McLoughlin in West Linn
  • Nez Perce in Enterprise
  • Oregon City
  • Oregon City Falls located between Oregon City and West Linn
  • Willamette Falls located between Oregon City and West Linn
  • Willamette Falls Locks located between Oregon City and West Linn
  • Willamette Stone off US 26 and Yaquina Bay in Newport

We are seeking site sponsors for the program. There will be many benefits for businesses that help us to create awareness of these valuable treasures.

Visible Changes At TIC Supervised Rest Areas

It has been five and half months since TIC assumed management of nine rest areas throughout the state. While our rest area supervisors have been hard at work, the improvements are just now starting to be visible.

At the Baldock Rest Areas just south of Wilsonville a tremendous amount of effort has been aimed at cleaning up an area at the back end of South Baldock. A pond has been reclaimed and the area has been significantly cleared. There are plans to develop a picnic area at the site for motorists to enjoy when they stop in.

The supervisors are working in cooperation with Clackamas County to introduce biological mosquito eating fish into the pond area. They have planted the front flower beds with Dahlias in the first cooperative effort with a local business. They are utilizing Juvenile Corrections Crews to remove invasive species and remove downed brush in the forested areas, and are using Hands on Portland, a volunteer facilitation non-profit, to recruit skilled volunteers to help with trail planning and painting.

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