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New project delivers digital travel information to motorists

Posted on: September 18th, 2014 by Madeline MacGregor in News & Press | No Comments

Clackamas County and OTE partner on French Prairie Rest Area kiosk remodel

The old kiosk is dismantled by OTE crews

If you happen to be a regular I-5 commuter who stops at OTE’s northbound French Prairie Rest Area, you may notice hammers flying over the next month. As part of OTE’s five year strategic plan, upgrades and improvements to motorist information services are underway, starting with the northbound French Prairie Travel Information Kiosk.

Clackamas County has partnered with OTE to create the soon-to-be refurbished kiosk. The project schedule calls for partial demolition of the old structure and new features, including an electronic touch screen portal that will connect motorists area sightseeing and recreation.

Annie Von Domitz, OTE’s Chief Community Assets Officer, has led the cooperative project from the start. She explains why the French Prairie location was selected and how Clackamas County’s involvement was necessary to move the pilot forward.

The crew works to demo the old structure

“We selected this location for our first remodeled center because of the huge number of visitors and the interest by Clackamas County Tourism to provide visitor information at one of the busiest rest areas in Oregon,” says Von Domitz. “Clackamas County is testing out their new digital interactive kiosk at the site and travelers will be able to access much more dynamic and in-depth information than has been available in rest areas before.”

The new kiosk building materials will reflect products found within the region—Douglas fir, basalt, and a natural color palette will compliment French Prairie’s park-like setting. In a separate but concurrent project, a revitalized adjacent vending area will echo the French Prairie theme. The vending structure will house streamlined machines with improved refreshment selections and credit card payment capability.

As demolition begins this week, please be aware the old kiosk will be shuttered until approximately mid-October. Motorists and visitors to the area who need information about gas, food, lodging or travel directions should ask OTE staff for information. Just look for our employees wearing sky blue shirts and black baseball caps embroidered with our oval logo. You can also stop by the mobile office located across the parking lot from the main restroom building.

The old kiosk is almost ready for remodel

The refurbished kiosk will provide new opportunities for local businesses to connect with motorists and vacationers. Enhanced space for brochures, travel and tourism magazines, and re-styled display panels are all part of the new design features. The purpose behind the project is to improve and support local economic infrastructure and direct both Oregonians and visitors towards Clackamas County businesses and attractions.


Concept drawing of how the remodeled kiosk will look“We’re excited about the new look and feel to the kiosk,” said Madeline MacGregor, OTE’s Integrated Marketing and Communications Division leader. “If local businesses are interested in improving their visibility, our new displays will be an awesome way to spread the word without breaking the PR bank. Our partners in tourism will be able to direct over 4 million annual French Prairie rest area users to great eats, hotels and local fun—from wine tasting to snowboarding.”

For those interested in business marketing opportunities, contact Maddie MacGregor via email or telephone 1-800-574-9397.


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