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OTE Boardman Rest Area Staff help in emergency

Posted on: July 31st, 2014 by Madeline MacGregor in News & Press | No Comments

Curtis Smith, Boardman Rest Area Specialist

Curtis Smith, Boardman Rest Area Specialist

On July 25th, two Oregon visitors from Kansas experienced a medical emergency at the Boardman Rest Area on I-84. Craig Brooks and his wife stopped at the rest area to use the facilities, but while in ladies room, Brooks’ wife fell and injured her wrist. Brooks recently sent an email to OTE, explaining what happened next:

“My wife suffers from a serious medical condition that periodically affects her balance and equilibrium as well as her leg strength and coordination. She suffered a fall in the ladies’ restroom and scraped her wrist on the wall, and luckily had no serious injuries.

Several ladies who were also tourists came to her aid, and summoned a nearby worker who was performing routine maintenance. The worker, whose name I didn’t get, promptly contacted his supervisor, Curtis Smith, who immediately assisted us.

After making sure no emergency medical response was needed, Mr. Smith helped return my wife to our vehicle, and then cleaned and bandaged her wrist.

After making sure no other help was needed, Mr. Smith gathered information to make a report of the incident, and we resumed our journey home.

I am thankful for the prompt and efficient service that we received from both of the OTE employees we encountered.

Your organization should be proud to have both of these gentlemen in their positions.”

Craig A. Brooks

Asst. Director

Facilities Services

University of Kansas

We would like to thank Mr. Brooks and his wife for their correspondence, and take this opportunity to both express gratitude that his wife was not seriously injured as well as share his kudos with both OTE’s Curtis Smith, and Eric Ritsch  from Patriot Janitorial Services—the other staff member on duty that day.We truly believe that our staff go out of their way to ensure the public is safe and secure during their visit to any of our supervised rest area locations. Well done Curtis and Eric!

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