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Partial closure at French Prairie Rest Area Northbound

Posted on: August 27th, 2014 by Madeline MacGregor in News & Press | No Comments

OTE winter weatherization projects helps keep rest areas safe all year round

Today is Wednesday, August 25th, and our winter prep continues at French Prairie Rest Area northbound! Our crew has closed the back parking lot to seal and re-stripe the pavement.

The project and closure is expected to last through this coming Friday, August 29th. All other restroom buildings and parking areas will remain open, although expect traffic to be heavier through those areas during this time.

In anticipation of winter driving challenges, OTE rest area operations tackled upgrades and preparations earlier this season. From new heat pumps and forced air systems to a new roof at snowy Government Camp, rest area staff performed numerous winter weatherizing projects over the summer.

Jason Nash, OTE’s Director of Rest Area Operation, said the weatherizing projects were necessary for both traveler comfort as well as an operational necessity.

The OTE operational crews are acutely aware of the need for surface safety within rest areas, particularly at one of the busiest along I-5. French Prairie is a favorite place for commercial truckers to stop, and with the millions of vehicles of all types moving in and out of the parking lots, craters and pot holes appear, most often following heavy rains.

Pot holes are a safety hazard, for both passenger cars and those walking to and from the rest area facilities from parking areas. With deep pot holes, foot, leg and ankle injuries can occur. Resurfacing helps to mitigate potential injuries and re-striping clearly denotes parking spaces available, including those motorists with disabled placards.

The work should be completed over the next week and a half.

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