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Storm-water and wetland upkeep

Posted on: April 22nd, 2016 by Madeline MacGregor in News & Press | No Comments

Boardman Rest Area partners with neighbors

Story submitted by Joleen Odens, Boardman Rest Area Supervisor

It all started out when Rachel Muniz (our Boardman Rest Area Specialist) was just going to burn down the old and ugly cattails that were present in our storm-water lagoon.

As Rachel got started with her burning project, we got to thinking how a better fence line would keep any litter blown in from the highway from entering the lagoon area, and at the same time, improve the aesthetics and viability of the natural landscape. We decided to remove the ugly old posts and fence panels that had been there for quite some time. Our other rest area specialist Jon Tucker, and Rachel got the new cyclone fencing up.

While were busy, our ranching neighbors watched our progress, and stopped by. Landowners John Partlow and Nick Mclachlan  invited us to just throw any scrub wood over the fence, and said they would use a tractor to pile it up. As we talked about the project, our discussion led to more conversation and planning. With their help, we would restore the fence-line.

burning_fieldThe old fencing had seen better days. It was leaning and had been patched up a couple of times due to cars plowing through accidentally. A new fence would better contain the cows that Nick wanted to put in the pasture area. So… with Nick and his grandson and John, the new border fence was installed, the land cleared, and the old grass burned off to encourage fresh forage for the cows.

After we completed the project, a thriving cattail/wetland area was revived. The pasture now has a secure fence for the cattle that will soon be grazing alongside the rest area.

*Top image: Nick McLaughlin and grandson Nick. Bottom image: Controlled burn of old pasture area.

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