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Waiting to be weighed – Rigs ‘n’ RVs

Posted on: September 30th, 2013 by Madeline MacGregor in News & Press | No Comments

Watching their weight

Temporary truck scales at Boardman rest area.The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) recently set up temporary truck and RV scales at the OTE eastbound rest area. OTE staff Curtis Smith and Jolene Odens were on hand to help the ODOT team move their equipment in.

ODOT arrived bright and early Tuesday morning, September 23rd, and set up the scales,” said Smith. “According to ODOT’s team,, it was one of the most successful temporary inspection stations on record.”

The reason behind the temporary scales? According to OTE Supervisor Odens, a temporary scale captures a high percentage of local traffic that may not travel past other I-84 fixed weigh-stations. Ten-wheel trucks or other short-distance haulers may utilize secondary roadways to avoid weight restrictions or stopping at locations along I-84 near Umatilla, Cabbage Hill, or La Grande.

View from the exit into Boardman rest area.Smith said ODOT weighed approximately 800 trucks and wrote citations for over 50 various violations, including driving with suspended licenses, no driver license’s, several over-capacity loads and vehicle safety issues.

OTE staff helped direct the trucks, RVs and passenger car traffic into their various queues, as well as answering motorist’s questions regarding the temporary disruption.

Curtis summed up the experience, “Since this event was unprecedented, I believe it will prove to be a valuable experience for ODOT and OTE moving forward in the future. And it was terrific working with ODOT’s team.”

Big rig is checked at OTE's Boardman rest area.Odens said that additional temporary stations may be set up in other OTE rest areas. “This was a real success for ODOT and for the Oregon highways system,” she said. “Everyone was very pleased at how great this turned out.”


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