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What’s big, red and long as a football field?

Posted on: May 19th, 2015 by Madeline MacGregor in News & Press | No Comments

How big is a really B-I-G rig? Well how about 20-feet wide and 353-feet long. For full transparency, a football field is actually 360-feet long, so this enormous truck is about 7-feet shy of our actual headline. Several monster-sized loads are making their way up I-5 over the next several days and will be affecting I-5 northbound rest areas and commercial truck (and RV or tour bus) parking capacity.

Big Rig

Our rest area crews have had their hands full re-directing traffic in the commercial vehicle lots, thus our announcements about partial closures. Our staff have also sent in some great images from Gettings Creek and French Prairie Rest Areas.

The trucks wait until evening time to lumber down the Interstate. Their movement might prove too hazardous to other traffic during periods of busy traffic. The Oregon Department of Transportation issues permits for the movement of special over-sized loads transporting dam or windmill parts.

OTE’s Stephen Gennett took the panorama shot and said, “You probably have better info and photos from others regarding the Big Bertha replacement parts traveling up I-5, but I thought I’d send you a panorama taken with my Nikon P600 early Saturday morning in Gettings Creek Rest Area NB. Including the semi-tractor, I counted 140 tires supporting 136 axles.”

“It’s an ‘easy panorama’, not a series of shots stitched together (which always turn out better), but it’s better than nothing. I had a lucky window of opportunity with no trucks blocking the view.”

John Horton took some spectacular shots of the rig parked at French Prairie which we have included in the image gallery below.

Image gallery

Check in to the gallery by clicking on the first image below. Advance through the gallery by either clicking on the image once inside or using the arrows. Exit the gallery at any time by pressing the “esc” key on your keyboard.

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