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Support the Oregon Heritage Tree Program

The Heritage Tree Committee meets socially after their quarterly meetings.

The Heritage Tree Committee meets socially after quarterly meetings.

Would you like to be involved in helping Oregon Travel Experience maintain and expand the Oregon Heritage Tree program? Are you interested in serving on the Heritage Tree Committee?

Participation options are listed below.

Sponsorship is open to businesses, foundations, nonprofits and public agencies. Oregon Travel Experience encourages communities and potential sponsors to work collaboratively to sponsor a tree in their region or subregion.

If you would like to pursue sponsorship, contact us.

Heritage Tree Committee
The all-volunteer Heritage Tree Committee is always interested in new members and young ideas. The following members serve Oregon proudly:

Nancy Appling, Roger Brandt, Mike Fontenot, George Forbes, Doug Grafe, Jennifer Karps, Charlotte Lehan (OTIC representative), Craig Leech, Molly McKnight, Tim Nitz, Arne Nyberg, Paul Ries, Al Tocchini (Vice Chair), Ed Washington.

Technical resources

Community Heritage Tree Programs: Although certain notable trees may not qualify under the statewide tree program, trees may be eligible under local city or county programs. Use our online directory to search for criteria, nominations, tours, maps, and brochures managed by cities and counties throughout the state.

Note:  Oregon Travel Experience is a governmental unit and is not subject to Federal income tax under the provisions of Section 115(1) of the Internal Revenue Code. Charitable contributions to governmental units are tax-deductible under section 170(c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code if made for a public purpose.

Please contact us to learn more about sponsoring a tree, a pair of trees, an entire grove or volunteering– we’d love to hear from you.

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Follow the Heritage programs on Facebook.Oregon Travel Experience’s heritage programs Facebook page is an excellent way to learn about special events and glean historical nuggets about heritage trees and historical markers. You can follow us by clicking on the Facebook icon.