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Bannock War

Posted on: September 19th, 2011 by Annie Von Domitz in Historical Marker Details | 2 Comments

Bannock WarBannock War

Subject: Site of the decisive battle between US troops and the Bannock and Paiute Indians.

Five miles northwest of this location, one of the last battles of the Bannock War was fought in June 1878. The Bannock War began in May 1878 when the Bannock Indians of Southern Idaho became angered over treaty violations and increasing settlement. With the U.S. army in pursuit, the warring Bannock fled to this area and were joined by Wada Tika Paiute. On June 23, units of the 1st U.S. Cavalry commanded by Reuben Bernard attacked a camp under the leadership of Paiute Chief Egan on nearby Silver Creek. The battle continued into the night until Egan, severely wounded, led a retreat northward through the John Day Valley into northeastern Oregon. The tribes were defeated at Battle Mountain and surrendered after Chief Egan’s death.


Hwy/milepost: US 20 MP 103.1




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Pony Blanket (Egan) was a Shoshone (Snake) Indian

Madeline MacGregor

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