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Distracted driving kills thousands

All it takes is five seconds to end a life

OTE is partners with the Oregon State Patrol (OSP) and as a part of our shared resources, we receive multiple alerts from OSP about traffic accidents and serious crashes almost every day. Almost weekly, we hear about traffic fatalities. Many of us at OTE have noticed an increase in distracted and aggressive driving. We hope that spreading awareness about distracted driving …

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French Prairie Rest Area, milepost 281

Location: French Prairie is one of Oregon’s largest rest areas and encompasses over 40 acres on each side of Interstate 5. Located a very short distance from Portland at milepost 281, the rest stop is near major tourism and visitor attractions, including Woodburn Company Stores and the National Historic Districts of Aurora and Champoeg. ( See the map at the bottom of this history page for driving directions.)
Supervisory staff: Shawn White and …

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The real story behind rest area panhandling

Why do we see “phony sign” posters in the travel information kiosks?
As a traveler who has stopped at many rest areas in your lifetime, you may have witnessed the following: individuals standing with scrawled messages on cardboard signs in front of public restrooms or near the parking lot. The signs can be quite heart-wrenching, stating anything from “Homeless with Children” to “Veteran, anything helps, God bless.”
At first glance, many of …

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