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Government Camp, newest kid on OTE’s block

Posted on: December 7th, 2011 by Madeline MacGregor in Roadways and Waysides | No Comments

Popular mountain rest area to be managed by OTE: December 7, 2011, submitted by Terry Hauck, Baldock rest area supervisor

We hit the ground managing the Government Camp rest area on December 1st. The snow has begun to fall and with it comes the throngs of skiers, snowboarders and families wanting to play in the snow.

We’ve already received a great number of complements on our clean restrooms.  Keeping public restrooms clean is always a challenge, but we are very good at, and it helps when people comment on how clean and nice smelling they are.

One of our greatest challenges (aside from snow removal) is to police the small parking area so that there are parking spaces for the traveling public that needs to use the restroom.  It’s easy to understand why skiers and recreational users are interested in those spots for parking, but they have to remain available for motorists using the restrooms.

Under our temporary operation of Government Camp rest area, we will only be able to maintain the area in its present condition, so hopefully we’ll assume responsibility on a permanent basis.  If that happens, we already have many great ideas for improvements and upgrades.

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