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New “Welcome to Oregon” sign greets out-of-state travelers

Posted on: August 3rd, 2011 by Madeline MacGregor in Roadways and Waysides | No Comments

OTE and Ontario, Oregon community business leaders have joined forces to design and install a new “Welcome to Oregon” sign at the Ontario rest area on I-84 (at milepost 37).

Ontario Rest Area Supervisor David Patton said that his office had received numerous requests from the motoring public for a welcome sign located in a safe spot. For many travelers crossing state lines, snapping a quick photo in front of a welcome sign is a long-standing tradition.

“We felt that since Ontario was right on the border, the welcome sign would be a natural tool for inviting visitors to the area,” said OTE’s CEO, Cheryl Gribskov, representing the Ontario Rest Area Coalition.

The OTE facilitates several rest area coalitions in order to maintain and improve economic infrastructure for businesses and services located near OTE managed rest areas.

The sign was crafted and built in Salem by the Oregon Historical Marker volunteer group. The sign volunteers maintain a dedicated woodworking shop where they manufacture both new and replacement historical markers from cedar. The group has been actively involved with the Oregon Historical Marker Program since 1992.

Installation of the Ontario welcome sign was performed by OTE Sign Operations and Ontario rest area supervisors. “We will be landscaping around the bottom of the sign for easy mowing and will install two solar-powered spot lights to highlight the sign at night,” Patton said. “It should end up looking really nice!”

A grand unveiling of the new sign is planned for later this year, so keep posted.

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