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The dog days of summer

Posted on: August 17th, 2012 by Madeline MacGregor in Roadways and Waysides | No Comments

Chapter One

Recently, OTE received the following letter:

Dear OTE,

On August 8th my wife and I were northbound and stopped at your Baldock Rest Area… in the process, we locked our keys in the car. Our Border Collie was inside and the windows were closed. Grant Christensen (the Baldock supervisor) saw our problem and was most helpful. He called AAA, which we are members of, covered three sides of the windows with cardboard, and waited for the roadside assistance with us. The AAA service was quite prompt and we were in the car shortly and all was well. I commend Grant for his help.

Alan Keaton,
Junction City, Oregon

Chapter Two

Santiam rest area Assistant Supervisor Nancy Tatum was on duty when a traveler found two dogs wandering loose. The motorist brought the dogs to OTE’s onsite office.  The good Samaritan wanted to take them with her, but had four dogs of her own.

Tatum called the local animal shelter and dog control for Marion County. The animal’s new benefactor stayed long enough to share dog food and water.

Tatum snapped a photo of the kindly traveler and her “new pets”, but reported that the rescuer’s husband was not encouraging any new hitch-hikers to join them on family vacation.

Animal control collected the dogs from Tatum and took them to the shelter where they would be scanned for identification chips. If ownership could not be established, the dogs would be evaluated for adoption.

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